We offer 3 kinds of surf lessons. 1.) Standard Surf Lessons, 2.) Surf coaching. 3.) Shortboard Surf lessons. It is preferable for surf lessons to be video recorded using a Gopro; so you can see where your areas of improvement are needed. For standard Surf Lessons, it is recommended to have two separate Lessons. Some students have done fine with 1 lesson; others may require a 2nd lesson to address proper stance and take off. We say this because some students instinctively change their stance from their first lesson. Sometimes this change in stance improves or worsens their surfing experience. We take the time to analyze how to best instruct the student to help give them a successful and joyful surfing experience. We have taught students of varying body types, and ages. We have also coached and taught kids as young as 7 years old. It is required for kids to already have Water Confidence and swimming skills before surfing.


Surf Lessons

(All beginning Surf Lessons begin on a longboard.) : For beginner surfers; we work hard to employ water confidence and safety. It’s very important for students to listen carefully and ask questions. Surfing is a fun sport, and with proper instruction, it will provide a lifetime of great memories and healthy lifestyle.

  • Board Selection
  • Proper Stance
  • Wave Selection
  • Water Confidence
  • Water Safety
  • Proper Wipeout
  • Paddling and Paddling out
  • Popping up and taking off
  • Ocean Channels
  • Water Conditions
  • Tide and Swell direction
  • Turning
  • Cheaters Take Off
  • Reading Waves and Waves Crest



208282_1027613493976_1646_nSurf Coaching:

Surf coaching is best for surfers who are already surfing, but would like to improve their surf skills. We have coached many people who’s skills have improved amazingly. This is pretty advanced, and will test your skills. Generating speed on a longboard is very different from generating speed on a shortboard.

  • Building forward momentum
  • Generating Speed
  • Late Take off
  • Ocean Conditions
  • Tide and Swell Direction
  • Turning
  • Compression and release
  • Paddling variations
  • Planing on Water
  • Getting around Sections
  • Variations of Breaks
  • Cutting back
  • Off the Lip
  • Reading Waves and Waves Crest
  • Differences in Wind Swell and Ground Swell
  • Reading Bouys
  • How to use surfboard rails
  • Understanding Fins
  • Power Paddling


Shortboard Surf Lessons:

Shortboarding is our specialty. Most of the very athletic kids have been very successful in shortboarding. We have also taught very athletic adult beginners on a shortboard. We have helped many longboarders switch from longboard to shortboard. There may be a couple challenges; but surfing is a healthy productive lifestyle and will provide a joyous future of thrill, awe and stoke!

  • Board Selection
  • Understanding Volume and Shape and surfboard rails
  • Wave selection and wave crest
  • Preparing lead time for taking off
  • Turning
  • Top Turn and bottom Turn
  • Compression and release
  • Building forward momentum
  • Power paddling
  • Pop up and take off
  • Proper stance
  • Proper timing
  • Angling and taking off
  • Planing using the bottom of the surfboard
  • Understanding Fins



kidLessons are best taught using the Gopro. We will have a Gopro available to film the surf session for all students. Editing, data transfer, and modification of any footage is also available. Surf Video Footage with music, and clips can be done for any customer to make a short surf video to take home and memorialize your surfing experience. Gopro footage is used to analyzing and improve your surfing. As a separate service, we can provide Gopro video filming, editing of footage to include music for final release only.