1378352_10205061038549009_4924033211937918764_nWe provide custom surfboards especially designed for the surfer. We have designed and engineered custom surfboards to meet specific needs for you; the surfer. The specs are based on everything from rail design, rocker, forward heavy or rear heavy surfing. Do you want to catch more waves? Do you want to surf faster? Do you want to maneuver much easier; through specific designs on the tail of the board, and fin setups, we can make the board do exactly what you need. We can have a board shaped for you and ready to surf within a few weeks!

Surfboard Fin:

We are currently developing and patenting a surfboard fin. It’s been tested on several reef breaks and point breaks. It’s designed to retain perpetual motion by using the energy within the wave to build and retain momentum. It’s proven highly successful; and we plan on producing 2 variations of this surfboard fin to market within the next year to two years.